Endorsements and Reviews


“Put Away Childish Things by Dr. Kirk Lewis presents nine very familiar biblical characters into the forefront… Stories of Noah, Abraham, Daniel, Isaac, Miriam and more, yet the author gives insight into their calling that leaves an indelible imprint on the human soul.  You see, all these biblical characters present their lives as examples for us to live by, in which God reveals His love, protection and provision…Poignantly, the author shares this truth and the truth of God’s Word as something to be treasured, pondered and  shared.

“In a poetic, creative and unique way, Dr. Kirk Lewis has given us their examples of what they faced, displaying the love of God as they chose to follow Him. His writings offer insights into these simple men and women who were called and what they were called to that provide much encouragement and comfort. Lewis has made these stories a reflection of the biblical stories we are aware of, but delves much deeper, into the heart attitudes of these incredible men and women that make their stories absolutely relevant today. Put Away Childish Things is not what you expect it to be, but yields a peculiar harvest for those that want to go deeper with God into the things of God.  An amazing and inspiring read!”
–A Christian Book Review, 10.0 out of 10.0 stars

“A book that, to borrow a phrase, “comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable.” Lewis brings genuine humanity to historical Bible stories. He helps the reader understand these Bible stories are the stories of real people who were not that different from us. He sketches out God’s power in these stories, but perhaps more importantly, Lewis shouts to the reader God’s presence in all these interactions.

“This will be a great read for anyone who has an inkling of these Bible stories. But I am not so sure that those who have had their doubts or who have never read these stories would not be surprised by what is found in Put Away Childish Things.

“I heartily recommend this collection of stories told by someone who knows his Bible and knows life as well. It will comfort those afflicted by the challenges that life brings, and it will afflict those who think all the questions of life have easy answers. Lewis has given us a glimpse of God’s work from long ago and a reminder that God is still not done- with any of us. ”
–Grear Howard, D.Min., Adjunct Faculty, George W. Truett Seminary

“This is a  collection of well-loved stories from the Old Testament, uniquely told in a sort of free-verse poetry. Throughout, there is the feeling, a subtext, of  Christ in the background saying again, ‘Except a man become as a child…’  Very readable, sincere and fresh…beautifully worded and expertly formatted…filled with rich, vivid imagery.”
–Eddie Cruz, Author, An Interview with Lucifer.

“I am quite pleased to recommend highly the new book written by my friend, Dr. Kirk Lewis, entitled Put Away Childish Things. First, the author has done a masterful  job in his close, interpretive work of bringing out the implied emotions and thought processes of the biblical characters whose stories he  retells. This book is faithful to the Scripture, and, at the same time, instructive and relevant to modern readers.  Lewis suggests that complex issues and circumstances faced by the people in the Bible are the ones that people still face in the unfolding of  life. Finally, I am impressed with the imaginative style of the author. He demonstrates a creative skill in the choice of  words, the use of puns, and turn of phrases. I believe that you and your friends will enjoy, as I have done, the delightful journey through the  book Put Away Childish Things.
–Dr. Ron Lyles, Pastor, South Main Baptist Church, Pasadena, TX

“All sincere born-again believers who desire to grow in their new life in Christ owe it to themselves to read Put Away Childish Things. Dr. Kirk Lewis has done a masterful job in writing profound biblical truth in a captivating and memorable style. Readers will not want to put this book down until they have read and thought carefully about every word.”
–Dr. John Morgan, Senior Pastor, Sagemont Church, Houston, TX

“Lewis does a great job of taking the stories from Scripture he heard as a child and presenting the “grown up” themes of how God’s rich love for each of us is displayed in each story. Through eloquent, poetic, and imaginative writing, Lewis shows us the deeper meanings in each of our favorite stories of God’s marvelous grace and magnificent glory. This book will encourage you as you understand more of how great the love of God is for you.”
–Jason Caillier, Director of Family Ministries, Dallas Baptist University


Reader Reviews

“A fantastic read that challenges you to rethink the Bible stories you grew up on. When you’ve heard the same stories countless times since pre-k, sometimes they start to seem like just that…stories. Dr. Lewis does a wonderful job putting the reader inside these 9 Biblical passages and helping us to experience the human emotions involved in these historical events. I’ve read it several times already and would definitely recommend it!”–Sarah

“Fresh look at familiar stories…very “readable” writing style. I also happen to know the writer to be a wonderful man too. Glad to have this book in my library!”   –Bethany

A keeper. A sharer. A winner.”–Rajah

“I found the different takes on the various Bible characters quite interesting. Easy to read and very motivational.” –– Michael

Excellent content of biblical times, characters and events. Brings them to life and allows the reader to participate in a most enjoyable experience.” –Lynette

“I had to take this one very slowly because of the reflective qualities of each story! I also used it to inspire my adult small group lessons. They loved it! It will touch the depth of your soul. But, remember…Take it slowly to get all that God has for you. Pure Gold!” –Debbie

“So often, we hear the Bible stories we grew up with and try to imagine what our own reaction would be in such incredible situations. It’s comforting to see the very human insecurities in these familiar characters. Reminding us of these real feelings and thoughts brings a fresh and comforting view to stories we’ve heard so many times.”–Leone

“Kirk Lewis is a gifted writer! I appreciate the new insights he shared in this  book, particularly in regards to the story of Abraham and Isaac. That story  always baffled me as I struggled with how Isaac regarded his father after the sacrificial offering. Dr. Lewis presented a fresh perspective I had never  considered: Isaac was a man with a choice, just like Christ.”–Nancy

“I absolutely loved it!! How clever to take the familiar and stretch them, in simplicity, to be such meaningful adult lessons. It is such a fresh view, not preachy, not wordy…yet to the point and makes you reflect. I plan to order and share this book with others. Hopefully, you will be nudged to continue with book .–Brenda

“I was blessed by the experience of reading your book Put Away Childish Things. Your extensive knowledge and understanding of the characters made me feel that you actually know each one personally. For example, when I read Abraham, I had the feeling you were suffering with him. My reaction was so strong that I  stopped to check your bio to see if you had sons–and you did! You are indeed a master of the English language and use it with such skill that the emotions of the characters become the emotions of the reader…the right word at the right place always. I remembered two of my other favorite writers–James Weldon Johnson and Kahil Gibran–and I find your book is definitely comparable in literary beauty and content.” –Wanda

“The chapters detailing the journey of Abraham and Isaac literally brought me to tears. Put Away Childish Things is a must read and a great gift to share with people of all different spiritual maturity.” –Jordan

“I found myself transported emotionally and even felt like I was hearing the stories for the first time.” –Cindy

“Poetic, poignant and thought provoking. What a refreshing, insightful look at some familiar stories. Dr. Lewis has taken his small-town, simply-put sophistication to a level where laymen and clergy can easily understand and apply.” –Roseva

“An easy read, but a powerful message. Breathes new life into nine well-known stories by pulling back the covers just a bit on what those involved might have been going through. This book will touch your heart.” –Dan

“Put Away Childish Things gives a beautiful, concise, poetic and adult rendition of familiar Bible stories. While simply written and easy to read, the beauty of the language provides new insight into the characters. The pain of Abraham, the anxiety of Gideon and the evolution of Naomi are just a few of the stories that make the reader feel and understand the humanness of the characters. The author follows the footsteps of Grady Nutt to bring the characters out of a one-dimensional story and into reality to challenge the way we grew up understanding these familiar Bible stories.” –Robert

“Dr. Lewis retells nine stories, from the Old Testament of “The Bible”, familiar to us all, often taught for the first time in children’s Sunday school classes. I found the difference in what I expected and what I read was passion and insight. If you did not know any different, you would be inclined to believe that Dr. Lewis was right there, living out all of the circumstances in these stories, right along beside these Biblical characters! What our world today desperately needs is real heroes, people of integrity whose lives inspire us to take God seriously, and to follow His Word obediently. The stories Lewis retells  in this book could be the motivation one needs to develop a deeper relationship  and be more obedient to a loving and omnipotent God. As I sat reading the  retelling of the story of Abraham and Isaac, tears rolled down my face, as I  sensed the pain of both this father and son, living in perfect  obedience to God  and allowing God to work through each of them. This is a book you will want to purchase and read over and over again.” –Vickie

“I enjoyed sitting down to Put Away Childish Things. The title in itself makes you want to see if this author will tell you HOW. Dr. Lewis’ detail, knowledge and constant, quick wit make you want to finish the book in one sitting, but you don’t. After you have read the first chapter you want to go back and read the stories in the Bible before going on to his next chosen treasure. His emotional take on the people and their situations could very easily have been exactly how they truly felt. Dr. Lewis has a way of grabbing the reader with a word. I’ll be reading about his idea of the ‘world’s worst missionary’ again soon. And since it is the last story, I think I’ll start from the beginning and enjoy again the other unlikely heroes that truly blessed God and others. Finding myself in his writing was a delight and sometimes a disappointment, therefore, the tough title of his book made a difference. I can say that this author is capable of helping us put away our childish things.” –Kelly