About Put Away Childish Things

God teaches simple truths through the Bible stories we learned as children. That which is common breeds complacency. As a result, many adult Christians, even those raised in the church, take for granted the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Noah and Jonah. Over time, these Bible heroes become icons, pale caricatures of the real persons upon whom our Father relied to shine His light into our world. Their lives reach almost mythical status, leading us to miss the inner struggles they most assuredly experienced when God called.

Put Away Childish Things is written for adult Christians who seek  deeper insight into familiar scripture they have heard or read for decades. A careful look between the verses allows us to see these beloved Bible characters through their unspoken thoughts, revealing men and women who struggled with the same insecurities and fears as we do when called by God to step out of our comfort zones in faith. Read about them in a new light as they move from a point of personal crisis, through inner conflict, to be used by God in mighty ways. How like us they were and how like them we should pray to be. Each character’s life illustrations dynamic traits of Christian living.

Recent Reviews

Fresh look at familiar stories…very “readable” writing style. Glad to have this book in my library!”–Bethany

A keeper. A sharer. A winner.” –Rajah

“I found the different takes on the various Bible characters quite interesting. Easy to read and very motivational.” –Mike


To order your copy…I regret to inform you that my publishing company has gone out of business, putting sales of my book in the public market on hold. However, if you would like a copy or copies of Put Away Childish Things, email me at kirkallanlewis@yahoo.com. We’ll make it happen. Thank you.