Endorsements and Reviews

I just finished reading “The Chase: Our Passionate Pursuit of Life Worth Living.” Several times I had to put the book down and reflect on the imagination in the words. I enjoyed those images. God gave us imagination. Albert Einstein once indicated imagination is more important than intelligence. Later in life I found out how vision and imagination help us live. We see God with unseen eyes. A vision of the things to come. Thanks to your book, I found myself thinking about my Sunday School teacher at Riverside Baptist Church in San Antonio. He opened my eyes to faith and a vision of life to come. Thanks. God Bless. –Joe


“Do not read this book unless you want to laugh, weep, think, and consider what the author reveals to the reader–an honest look at what it takes to walk with the Living, Loving Lord…complete with all the questions, confusions and ultimate confessions. Kirk Lewis, like his previous book, Put Away Childish Things, provides a way for both believers and non-believers to walk beside the men and women who walked beside Jesus. Lewis leads readers into this opportunity to consider what very easily could be the thoughts and actions of these real people as they encountered the Man from Nazareth.  

“It will not take long to read this book. The words are not complicated. The chapters are not long. The stories may even be familiar if one has some knowledge of Scripture. It will, however, take a great deal of time to get through seeing yourself in the pages. While Lewis’ style is not formal, his message runs deep. And it is worth the trip!  

I recommend The Chase only if you want to be changed–just like the people in the first century were changed when they walked with Jesus. Maybe, just maybe, their stories are our stories.”

–Dr. Grear Howard Adjunct Faculty for Youth, Student and Family Ministry, 
Truett Seminary/Baylor University

“We seek to understand the Scripture through careful interpretation and through creative imagination. In this book Dr. Lewis demonstrates again his imaginative and poetic ability to help the Gospel stories come alive for us. He helps us to see old stories through a new lens. I commend his book to you.”

–Dr. Ron Lyles, Pastor, South Main Baptist Church, Pasadena, Texas

“Readers will be interested in picking up this book that presents old stories in a new light. The author’s unique perspective on these stories’ teachings could open up new meanings to readers. The writing is descriptive and lyrical…flows well and paints a picture in the reader’s mind of the characters and setting. The author is gifted at choosing words and phrases that provide distinct feelings.”

–Elaine Retty, Editor, Xulon Press

“The Chase by Dr. Kirk Lewis speaks of the passionate pursuit of God as a life worth living.  Taking Biblical recreations of those that met the Son of Man, Jesus, the author relates their journeys through a Biblical perspective of New Testament stories, shedding new insight to some familiar lessons offering faith, Kingdom principles and mysteries that will enhance and encourage a deeper walk with the Lord. Introducing believers and non-believers alike to those that walked alongside Jesus, Lewis poignantly and poetically reveals what their thoughts, actions and confusion may have been ~ making one feel enveloped within the scripture, as if one was right there. Readers will get a glimpse into spiritual truths and the mysteries of God that Scripture speak of that will bring transformation and change to one’s perspective ~ from a worldly view to a Kingdom view.  This book implores individuals to seek, knock and find the purpose of life ~ passionately pursing and walking with God ~ thus beginning The Chase after God’s own heart.

“With such chapters as: Craving the Chase, The Discomforting Cost of Discipleship, Out on a Limb, No Storm Too Great, Enter His Gates, Making It Personal, Thirsty No More, Gratitude of the Heart, To See Things Clearly, and A Tale of Two Hearts the author offers readers a enjoyable simple read, but also gives a challenging book that culminate in one’s pursuit of life with Christ, making one useful in His Kingdom.  One may ask, What does that mean?  The author gives clues, answers and testimony through scripture within the New Testament pages and stories that capture the answers to these questions.  You may see yourself through the pages, making this a relevant and inspirational read that instructs others in Kingdom principles ~ a highly recommended way to get to know Jesus more intimately.”

–A CBM Book Review, 10 out of 10 Stars

Reader Reviews

“I love the way the author takes Bible stories that we are all familiar with and adds so much detail as to what it might have been like during that time. Each chapter, which is a Bible story on it’s own, ends with the author’s application and a way as the reader I can apply it to my life. As I read each chapter, (and I read the book out loud to my children) I could see myself in each story and it made me think about different aspects of my life. This was a very moving and entertaining book and I highly recommend it.” Stephen

“I love Dr. Lewis’ latest book, The Chase. He adds detail to the stories that make it super entertaining in a way that I could have never imagined. For example, in one chapter he ties in a relationship of the disciple Matthew, a former tax collector- with Zacchaeus, also a tax collector, as former colleagues. It’s a brilliant twist that adds to the story and makes so much sense at the same time. Dr. Lewis’ always adds such a creative component that make his writings such a joy to read.”–Anonymous Amazon Reader

“Dr. Lewis has once again given us a wonderful journey through the lives of those who were with Jesus. Dr. Lewis uses his spiritual gifts to inspire us to continue our walk with Christ. I look forward to his next book.”-Vickie

“A great book. Ready for his next book.”–Gerald

“Dr. Kirk Lewis does it again – takes his creative writing skills to make the Bible come alive!” Larry

“How many times have I read these Bible stories and never made them personal, never stepped into the shoes of the characters? Dr. Lewis makes each character as real and relevant to life today as it was when these individuals actually walked with Jesus. This easy-to-read book, like his first book, Put Away Childish Things, gives the reader new insight and perspective to both the Biblical character and to himself each time the stories are read. The Chase makes a great and lasting gift for yourself and others.”–

“Dr. Lewis has done it again. I enjoyed this book as much as I did his first book. He has a special talent for telling stories from the Bible in a way that has the reader experiencing the emotions the characters themselves felt. I highly recommend this book for all Christians.”     Cindy

“I thoroughly enjoyed Lewis’ style of writing and content when I read Put Away Childish Things. The stories of the Old Testament came alive for me in a new way. Now in The Chase he has challenged me to evaluate what I know about several New Testament characters and stories. I love considering the feelings and actions of real people as they encountered Jesus. I will revisit the pages of this book often.”--Robin

“I am delighted with Dr. Kirk’s The Chase with its refreshing approach to my favorite New Testament characters. He makes them so real that I feel as if I’m actually listening to them laugh and play; but on the other hand I’m sharing with them as they draw near to Jesus. If I had to take a favorite, it would be the Woman at the Well. I cried and laughed as her story comes alive for me. Kirk tells the stories in a loving (and playful way at times) and he gets me involved. I am getting more copies to share with friends.”– Wanda

“What a wonderful work! While reading The Chase I was able to imagine myself in each of the New Testament Bible stories because it was filled with so much imagery and detail. I caught myself tearing up several times as it caused me to really picture these New Testament characters in a way I never have before and relate to them on a human level as they were on their journey chasing after Christ just as I am. In several stories that I have heard or read countless times I was able to glean a new perspective. Bundle The Chase and Put Away Childish Things for a great gift for the new believer, mature believer or curious individual.”    —Jordan

“Throughout our lives we spend our time pursuing things: productive work, love, friends, health, money and some fuzzy idea of happiness that we hold in our head thinking we will know it when we have it. We think happiness is success in the attainment of those things. In The Chase by Dr. Kirk Lewis we are reminded that in our inmost being, we are pursuing something deeper…craving something more. In his stories, as we gaze through time past into the lives of disciples and others who walked, talked and shared with Jesus during his lifetime, we see they found that “something more”. With insight, imagination and inspiration, Dr. Lewis parallels our lives to those of the past and reveals the biblical truths of Jesus are just as relevant today. The readiness of our passion to pursue that “something more” is sparked into a new life of significance and delightful pleasure in the prize of finding pure joy in the chase and even more in the catch. I encourage you to read this book and see where the chase leads you. “Chase me again Child!”–Joan

“Thanks for another great piece of work that will stand the test of time.”–Mark

“If you liked Put Away Childish Things, you will love The Chase. I found myself connecting with familiar stories from the Bible in a new and reflective way. I highly recommend that you add this to your personal library!”–Keith

“Read it slowly to experience the full effect of this man’s gifted writing! The wonderful retelling of scriptural truths in The Chase brought me unexpected opportunities to worship as I reflected over the deeper meaning behind each carefully chosen word and break in the text. I was repeatedly struck by the description of Jesus’ natural gestures—a hand on the shoulder or an encouraging smile—as He made friends and shared grace with every personHe encountered. Christ’s love shines through every scene.”–Nancy

The Chase is a wonderful book of familiar biblical stories fresh and new. He takes each story and hooks the reader by making it personal. Many times I found myself reading aloud, just to hear the melody of the words. This is a book that you will want to read again and again.”          —Maddie