About The Chase

In this masterful blend of imagination and biblical truth, award-winning author Kirk Lewis invites you to delve more deeply into the lives of those who encountered Jesus during the course of His ministry. The clarity and understanding they sought from God’s Son hits close to home as we chase after God’s purpose for our lives today. Find yourself inside the Scripture, walking beside those who chased after Jesus in search of belonging, discernment, peace, personal revival, prayerful worship and so much more. More than a recitation of familiar stories, The Chase leads you on a journey to discover what these men and women discovered long ago. Those who passionately pursue God and His will find that one truth leads gloriously to another. It boils down to one thing. What will you do when you catch Him?


To order your copy…I regret to inform you that my publishing company has gone out of business, putting sales of my book in the public market on hold. However, if you would like a copy or copies of The Chase: Our Passionate Pursuit of Life Worth Living, email me at kirkallanlewis@yahoo.com. We’ll make it happen. Thank you.