Chapter Summaries

Craving the Chase—An Introduction
Our desire to follow Christ reverberates inside our hearts. From the moment of birth our spirit chases after Him. When we catch up to Him, gaining new understanding of what He desires for us, God celebrates with us. If we are truly interested in pursuing the heart of God, we never abandon the chase for spiritual growth and closer relationship with God’s Son.  In fact, we crave it. A message about our passionate pursuit of life worth living.

The Discomforting Cost of Discipleship—The Story of the Rich, Young Ruler
Despite wealth and status, the rich, young ruler found life incomplete. The conviction of the Holy Spirit convinced him that Jesus held the answer to the yawning emptiness of his soul. His question to the Savior resonates still today. “What must I do to find eternal life?” The sadness he experience when told the cost of discipleship reminds us of the pain of missed opportunity. A message about the opportunities of discipleship which we miss.

Out on a Limb—The Story of Zacchaeus
Zacchaeus chose a profession that left him on the outside looking in, struggling with loneliness and isolation. Might it be that Matthew, the former tax collector, empathized more than any other disciple to this man’s plight. On the streets of Jericho a man found acceptance his encounter with the Savior and the witness of a friend. The story addresses our own need for belonging to something greater than ourselves. A message about belonging.
No Storm Too Great—The Story of the Tempest
The day started off with a marvelous message to the masses on the side of the hill. The disciples constantly marveled at Jesus’ teaching. Later that same day, a storm rose quickly on the Sea of Galilee. As the disciples bailed frantically, Jesus rested in the back of the boat, confident in God’s protection. The disciples learned that peace is not found the absence of storms, but the presence of the Savior. We find in Scripture that even in the midst of peril there can be peace. A message about finding peace.
Enter His Gates—The Story of the Cleansing of the Temple
People gathered in the courtyard of the Temple to pray and worship. The distractions of commerce prevented prayerful worship. Those who profaned worship were driven from the Temple with the crack of an improvised whip. When the dust settled, the many who came to offer sacrifices of gratitude to God and pray for his grace, found that God’s house was again a House of Prayer for all people. Jesus calls us to set aside the distractions of life and offer ourselves in prayerful worship. A message about prayerful worship.
Making it Personal—The Story of Nicodemus
Nicodemus lived his life secure in the belief that his relationship to God was grounded in his adherence to a moral code of ethics and strict obedience to rule and regulation. Despite his commitment to law, he saw something in Jesus that his fellow Pharisees were too blind to see. There had to be more. His secretive meeting with Jesus explored a new concept of salvation and provided a religious man a new start. Despite our misconceptions, Jesus promises a new start to all who place trust in Him. A message about starting anew.
Thirsty No More—the Story of the Woman at the Well
A life of promise and potential squandered by poor choices. A personal life in shambles with little hope of restoration. A spirit as empty as the vessel she carried to Jacob’s Well.  The Samaritan woman’s confrontation with Jesus at the well opened her eyes to new possibilities. When confronted with her sin in the presence of the Savior, she found personal revival. Our lives are never a lost cause to Christ. When we place our trust in Him, our spirit is renewed. A message about personal revival.
Gratitude of the Heart—The Story of the Thankful Leper
Ten lepers rejoiced in delight at the unexpected healing of their dreaded disease. Nine took for granted this precious gift of God. Only one returned to the source of healing in gratitude. Only one could not let the day pass without saying thank you to the Man of Mercy. How easy it is for us to forget from where our blessings come. A message about genuine gratitude.
To See Things More Clearly—The Story of the Blind Man from Bethsaida
Brought to the Healer by true friends, the Blind Man from Bethsaida experienced the healing touch of Jesus. At first, his vision of the world around him was unclear and clouded. Another word from Jesus and clarity. Rarely is God’s purpose for our lives revealed completely to us. We get a fuzzy impression of where He is leading and step out on faith. As we continue to walk in his will, new truth is discerned. A message about discernment.
A Tale of Two Hearts—The Story of Mary’s Anointing of Jesus
Jesus stopped for the night on his way to the cross to be among friends. Most of His disciples had only a vague understanding of what lay ahead for  their master and each other. Mary, ever sensitive to the One she followed, offered her most precious gift in preparation of His sacrifice. While others were stunned by Mary’s action, imagine how Judas felt. Two hearts could not have been more different. Which heart beats when you encounter Christ…the heart of betrayal or the heart of Mary? A message about a servant’s heart.