Chapter Summaries

Put Away Childish Things- An Introduction
The familiar and cherished children’s stories from the Bible hold a special place in our hearts. They declare simple biblical truths in simply ways. In the telling and retelling of the stories, the deeper lessons of Christian living get lost. We reach for these low-hanging truths as adults when we should seek richer, harder to reach certainties that teach a more dynamic way in which we should live for Christ.

How Bad Could It Be?- A Story of Noah and the Flood
God had an intended purpose for His creation. That special bond with those He created in His likeness ruptured in personal rebellion. Man did not learn from his punishment, but grew more distant as time passed. When God had enough, he turned, not to a flawless individual of perfect faith, but rather to a forgiven one. Noah’s effort at maintaining his relationship with God in a forsaken world allowed God to extend grace to a sinful world.

No Other Way- A Story of Abraham and Isaac
From the time he left his home in Ur, Abraham was God’s obedient servant. Where God led, Abraham followed. What God asked, Abraham did. His first thought was always obedience…until the day God asked him to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac. Before he could reach to point of yielding to God’s demand, Abraham surely agonized over the decision. In the end, as Abraham worked through his own desires to remain obedient to God, God used Abraham to paint a picture of the necessary sacrifice He would later make on behalf of the entire world.

Complete Surrender- A Story of Isaac and Abraham
Isaac heard no voice as did his father, Abraham. He had no reassurance from God that things would work out. All Isaac had was a trust in his father’s love. As he became aware of Abraham’s intention to sacrifice him on the altar, Isaac could have run away. He could have pushed his father’s will aside and avoided the knife. In an attitude of complete surrender, he trusted his father’s love enough to climb on the altar as an act of atonement for sin. God used Isaac’s willingness to die as the picture perfect model of Christ on the cross.

An Act of Audacity- A Story of Miriam and Moses
Moses’ older sister, Miriam, loved him from the first time he wrapped a tiny hand around her finger. Contrast the depth of her love for him with a Pharaoh’s paranoia and you have a heartbreak waiting to happen. Sentenced to die before he was born, Moses needed a protector. God needed someone to help him preserve the life of the one he needed to free His people from Egyptian slavery. A sister’s love and an extreme act of boldness saved a life and served God’s plan.

Throw Out the Fleece- A Story of Gideon and His Call to Service 
Gideon found himself hiding in the rocky cliffs overlooking his home, muttering under his breath at the powerlessness of his people and the evident absence of his God in his time of crisis. God called him “His warrior.” Gideon saw himself as a weakling, too insignificant to matter. Through constant reassurance, God convinced a reluctant farmer to fight the battle of a lifetime. Gideon learned a valuable lesson about letting go of his personal reservations and depending on God in all things.

More Than a Love Story-A Story of Ruth and Naomi
In love and loyalty, Ruth uttered familiar words to a grief-stricken mother-in-law.  “Where you go, I will go.” Both widows in a culture that had forgotten its responsibility to the helpless, Ruth stood as the source of hope to Naomi. While Ruth deserves her share of glory for her devotion, this episode remains a story of Naomi’s redemption and restoration. One who was lost, isolated and alone, found new life through the devotion of a daughter-in-law and the redemption of her kinsman.

The Sling and the Stone- A Story of David and Goliath
The king and his army faltered in the face of a giant. Yet, a young boy emerges from the crowd to defy the opponent’s champion. What causes one to tread where others fear to go? David, perhaps too young to fully understand the mortal danger he faced, stood confidently with the Lord. His past experiences as a shepherd protecting his flock from predatory animals, convinced him that God was his source of power and strength. His is a story of confidence in the midst of seemingly impossible odds.

Lie Down with Lions- A Story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den
Integrity is that which exudes from a man who “purposes to do right” in the eyes of the Lord. Daniel had every reason to give in to his own demons. Once a prince, now a slave, Daniel chose to live as he knew God wanted him to live even in the middle of an unbelieving world. Obedience to an unspeakable law would require Daniel to deny his faith and his God. To defy the edict brought death in a lion’s den. To comply with the edict brought would separate him from the God he adored. Daniel chose the only pathway he knew…one of integrity.

Last Boat to Tarshish- A Story of Jonah and the Whale
Fiercely patriotic, Jonah loved his nation and his people. He would do anything for them. When God called him from his comfort zone to preach a message of grace to his country’s archenemies, Jonah ran away. A series of calamities finds him soaking wet, walking away from a beach, reluctantly stumbling toward Nineveh with God’s message on his lips, but not in his heart. After a feeble effort at complying with God’s call, he sat on a hillside waiting for the fire and brimstone. Instead, he learned a lesson in God’s all-inclusive compassion.

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